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CAUSE | EFFECT Cocktail Kitchen & Cape Brandy bar is inspired by Cape Town’s oceans, mountains, fynbos, and vineyards. 


CAUSE | EFFECT uses raw ingredients and effects them into flavour. Our cocktail kitchen is a study in creativity where we discover, create, and serve the best flavours from the Cape. 


We use modernistic techniques inspired by our history, diversity, and passion for the drinks industry. 


Our small plate food service is fresh, flavoursome, and delicate and compliments our array of exceptional cocktails. 


With over 60 Cape potstill brandies in South Africa, we take great pleasure in offering some of the world's best award winning brandies made in the Western Cape.  


At the tip of Africa, the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet to create a biosphere unparalleled in the world: the majestic Table Mountain juts out of the earth in one of only six Cape floral kingdoms in the world. 


With over 9000 vascular plant species, of which 69% are endemic, Fynbos (directly translated as "fine bush") forms the backbone of of our tinctures, bitters and vermouth that are used in our cocktails.


Our oceans boast over 600 types of seaweed, of which only one is not edible. We source our plants through sustainable sources and incorporate the bounty of the ocean into our cocktails. 


The Chenin Blanc grape variety is an important part of our culture, and the backbone of our award winning brandies. Cape Brandy has the amazing ability to offer an array of flavours, from dried fruits like peach, apricot and pear to tropical notes of pineapple, cherry and passion fruit.


We use these powerful flavours and aromas to create our unique vintage, classic, and experiential cocktails.